The six scheme of myopia Sunglasses(2)

link7878 | 19 November, 2013 07:55

Scheme four staining slices

Staining slice not only fashion beautiful, more with sunshade function, whenever and wherever possible to protect eyes carefully, with comfortable and natural sight feeling, creative personality vision. As long as a pair of glasses frame can be matched a pair of real myopia of 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses!

The frame with staining: French Sessile physiological staining slices (white crystal hardening)

Scheme five color film

Color film can effectively prevent glare, 100% UV blocking, discoloration and fading faster, deeper and more uniform color. Whether in the strong sun light, medium or indoor, can according to the UV change color, is the ideal choice for daily use the lens, bring you any light healthy vision. As long as a pair of glasses frame can be matched a pair of real myopia Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses!

The frame with color film: French Sessile a new generation of full eye color (diamond II)

Scheme six sunglasses and contact lenses combination

Contact lenses can be get rid of restrictions to frame, lens mirage embarrassing annoyance, smile and confidence of the most touching, and the combination of a pair of contact lenses and a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet collocation can easily protection summer UV damage to eyes, take one's ease, natural luster.

Do not know if you find that your plans from myopia Sunglasses six options?
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